BlackBerry announces BlackBerry Integrity Detection for developers

Remember that BlackBerry Bide APK that piqued interest in the early Priv leaks? Well, we're finally learning more about what it is exactly, thanks to a new announcement on the BlackBerry Developers Blog introducing BlackBerry Integrity Detection for developers.

With the recent software update to Android Marshmallow being rolled-out to BlackBerry PRIV owners, the good news also extends to BlackBerry Developers as we're thrilled to share the developer release of BlackBerry Integrity Detection!

What is BID

It's like a personal security guard for your smartphone, exclusive to the BlackBerry PRIV.

Technically speaking, BlackBerry Integrity Detection (BID for short) is a trusted/secure background process running at the system level, that monitors the device for known security vulnerabilities. The BID service has its definitions updated regularly (silently) to ensure that you're protected against existing and future exploits.

When you combine this with BlackBerry's aggressive OS patching strategy, our choice to embed security into our hardware and DTEK's customization, it's clear how BlackBerry's Android is second-to-none for security and privacy.

BlackBerry PRIV users are already familiar with the BID engine running on their devices, albeit unknowingly, since the popular DTEK app has been leveraging the BID framework since launch. Now, with the update to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow/API23), the same service providing data to DTEK is also being made available to BlackBerry Developers targeting PRIV.

As BlackBerry notes, The BID framework allows developers to add an additional layer of security to protect themselves, and their user-base, in the event of an (attempted) security breach. This is particularly valuable in a BYOD scenario where enterprise administrators can't trust what end-users have done to their device.

If you're a developer interested in learning more about BlackBerry Integrity Detection, when to use it and how integrate your app with BID, be sure to check out the full BlackBerry Developer blog post.

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