BlackBerry announces BES12 version 12.2

BlackBerry has announced BES12 version 12.2, which brings along with it enhanced multi-OS support. BES12 first launched back in November, and since then BlackBerry has been working to add new features and functionality to the software to make it even easier to manage devices of any operating system. Version 12.2, the latest release, now integrates with Samsung's KNOX Workspace, Android for Work, and Apple Device Enrollment Program.

  • Samsung KNOX Workspace - Samsung KNOX provides comprehensive hardware to software security that is built into Samsung devices like the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, making them the most secure Android devices. Customers can now use BES12 to manage devices with Samsung KNOX Workspace, meaning that they can deploy Samsung Galaxy devices in a work and personal mode as well as Workspace-only mode. This gives organizations even more choice in not only the devices that their employees use, but in the way that they use them – all with the high level of security and privacy they expect from BlackBerry and Samsung.
  • Android for Work - BES12 supports Android for Work, which enhances security, simplifies management and provides an open platform for innovation on Android devices. BES12 seamlessly integrates with the Android OS to enable platform-level containerization, creating dedicated profiles for corporate and personal information. This eliminates the need for app wrapping and provides users with access to any Android application available on Google Play that is permitted by an organization's IT policies.
  • BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus - Samsung KNOX Workspace, Android for Work and BlackBerry 10 are now integrated with BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus. This solution provides secure, behind-the-firewall access to enterprise content without the need for VPN infrastructure, helping enterprises to cut costs and improve the user experience for employees. Customers can also use the enhanced secure connectivity option to enable secure, behind-the-firewall access for mobile voice and video applications.
  • Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) - BES12 now supports Apple DEP, which simplifies the enrollment of corporate-issued iOS devices. IT administrators can more quickly, easily and securely manage large deployments of iPhones and iPads by enabling supervised controls over-the-air.

With this, BlackBerry is creating a better user experience for those utilizing BES12, giving it even more value and flexibility. BlackBerry is still committed to security and simplicity, and with more workplaces allowing phones of all operating systems to be used, this solution helps keep things safe and easy.

Source: BlackBerry Business Blog