BlackBerry announces BBM numbers for 2014, previews upcoming subscription option

At CES 2015, BlackBerry has announced some of BBM's numbers for 2014. Additionally, the company also announced an upcoming subscription service for the messenger.

In terms of numbers, BlackBerry says that 2014 saw over 140 million new registrations to BBM from iPhone and Android devices. Additionally, 70% of users are active daily. 300 million stickers were shared in 2014, and 1 million new channels were created. The BBM Shop saw 175 million visitors in the last year, and 400 million ad requests were placed.

In terms of monetization of BBM in 2015, there are a few avenues of focus for BlackBerry. In addition to the BBM Ad Platform and Virtual Shop, the company is also focusing on social commerce with one-click payments, as well as a subscription service. The cost and full features of subscriptions are not known yet, but it will include bundles that include personalized vanity BBM PINs and no ads.

Stay tuned to our live blog of BlackBerry at CES 2015 for more.

BlackBerry announces BBM numbers, previews subscriptions
BlackBerry announces BBM numbers, previews subscriptions