BlackBerry adds Walmart to the list of retailers selling Priv

Aside from rolling the Priv out to Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, BlackBerry has also been working expanding retailer availability in the U.S. and Canada adding the likes of Best Buy, Staples and even our own ShopCrackBerry Canada to the mix. Now, they've added the world's largest retailer as well, Walmart.

Customers in the U.S. looking to pick up a brand new BlackBerry Priv can now place their orders through the Walmart website to have the device shipped right to their door or use the ship to store option where available to have their Priv as soon as possible. As for the version Walmart is selling, that would be the factory unlocked STV100-1 variant, the same as those sold through ShopBlackBerry.

Unfortunately, just because it's Walmart doesn't mean there's a roll-back in pricing in any way. Pricing for the Priv through Walmart is still set at $699.99 but who knows, might be worth keeping an eye on in case the price drops over the holidays.

Place your order for the BlackBerry Priv through Walmart

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