Although the option appeared in an early beta for iOS users, BlackBerry has now taken the next steps in introducing 'Buy Now' options in BBM Channels. If you login to the BBM Channels web portal, you should see options to sign up for access to what BlackBerry has dubbed 'Buy Now Posts.' I say sign up for access because it's not immediately available to everyone, it needs to be approved first.

Help drive your business objectives by adding a call-to-action button to your posts. Allow users to quickly buy your products or services, discover your content, and much more. To request access to this feature, click Request Access and complete the form. Our BBM team will respond to your request as soon as possible

For years now, BlackBerry has been building up their mobile commerce, and e-commerce solutions and a huge part of that progress has taken place within BBM and BBM Channels. According to an earlier Inside BlackBerry post, some of BBM's most popular channels are specifically for shopping deals, so the addition of 'Buy Now' buttons are certainly logical evolution and should be a welcome addition, especially in markets that are heavy in e-commerce as Indonesia has proven to be.

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