BlackBerry Addicts Similar to Alcoholics!Researchers at Rutgers-Camden University and the University of Northampton found that about a third of BlackBerry users show signs that are similar in many way to alcoholism. Psychologist Glenn Wilson pointed out that the compulsive need to answer emails led to changing direction often, making people tired and distracted. He even said that the constant flow of emails and text messages was more of a threat to IQ and concentration than pot! Others have said that BlackBerry addiction is putting more and more strain on relationships, especially when both partners are wearing out their thumbs. The problem has gotten so bad that one professor, in a paper titled "Employer Liability for Addiction to Information and Communication Technology," suggested that employers provide programs to help with BlackBerry addiction in the same way that many offer support for chemical or substances abuses.

Has your BlackBerry addiction ever gotten bad enough that you'd join one of those programs (and I'm talking for real here...not the CrackBerry Rehab forum)?