This Week's Featured Item: Jawbone ICON "The Hero"

Jawbone ICON "The Hero"

With all the laws governing cell phone use while driving, bluetooth accessories are becoming a must for us consumers. The Jawbone ICON series bluetooth headsets provide a stylish look in a small, lightweight device. Featuring a dedicated on/off button and Voice Activity Sensor (VAS), it quickly becoming my favorite bluetooth headset to date. Hit the jump for more on this great accessory.

The Jawbone ICON is truly a compact accessory weighing in at only 8.2 grams, and measuring only 45mm long. Its rechargeable Li-ion battery provides up to 4.5hrs of talk time, as well as a staggering 10 days of standby time. I personally don't use the phone much, so it lasts about 4 days without a charge for me, which is very convenient. When receiving an incoming call, your ICON will speak the caller ID to you. You also have your remaining talk time spoken to you when pressing the talk button on the ICON, a very handy feature. The voice for these features can even be customized with Jawbone's MyTALK AudioApps, giving your ICON different "personalities". When purchasing the ICON you will also get 3 "fit" earbuds, 4 round earbuds, an earloop, microUSB cable, A/C adapter, and documentation with start guide.

The ICON is great solution for your hands free needs, wether you need it for driving or are an all day bluetooth user. Its small, lightweigh, very comfortable design, make it feel like its not even attached to your ear. As with all Jawbone devices, its sound quality is superb. The ICON features Jawbone's NoiseAssassin technology, which virtually kills all ambient noise. This makes the ICON a great product for any situation, even noisy, hard to hear places.

CONTEST: Win a Free Jawbone ICON "The Hero"

For your chance to win a free Jawbone ICON, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the ICON would help you through the day. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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