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Welcome to our very first BlackBerry Accessory Roundup! We already bring you a BlackBerry Apps Roundup, BlackBerry Themes Roundup and BlackBerry News Roundup on a weekly basis, so we figured it only made sense that we go the extra distance and add a weekly BlackBerry Accessory Roundup to the routine. We hope you find value in it and enjoy it.

It might take us a few accessory roundups to nail down the format that works best, so please let us know in the comments what you'd like to see in this type of weekly article. We are writing it for your benefit. Our plan as of now is to highlight some of the some of the new products that have hit the market and/or our store in the past week, hone in on greater detail on one featured item (which we'll give you a chance to win!) and make note of some great deals. To keep things always interesting, we'll mix up the contributors who put together the roundup on a fairly regular basis and from time to time put a theme to the roundups - accessories for the car, the office, the frequent traveler... sort of as we did with our Holiday Gift Guides which were well received. Enough of an intro, read on for the roundup!

This Week's Featured Item: The Seidio 2700mAh Extended Battery for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Extended Battery for the 9700Extended Battery for the 9700

Since getting my BlackBerry Bold 9700 I have been raving non-stop about just how great the battery life is. I even wrote an article about it. But being human in nature, I always want more, and so I ordered myself Seidio's new extended battery for the Bold 9700 which the UPS man dropped off just yesterday. At 2700mAh, the battery offers slightly less than double the capacity of the native 1550mAh battery. 24 hours later I'm still at four bars on the battery level indicator, so I'm hoping the extended battery will power me through three or even four days of regular use. You can watch for a full review on the blogs next week and we'll see how it stands up.

For power users or for people who travel a lot an accessory like an extended battery is a no-brainer. When I travel to conferences I tend to be extra-heavy on my device usage, making more calls than normal and constantly firing up Google Maps and the web browser. In these situations, a standard battery is lucky to make the day so having an extended battery provides the peace of mind of knowing you'll make it back to your hotel room and not be seeing low power warnings. 

There is a trade-off of course. Because the battery extends out of the device, you need to use the specially-designed battery door that Seidio ships along with the battery. In the case of the 9700's, the door has a nice finish and seems to fit and hold on tight. Holding the device in the hand the extra battery door protrusion actually feels kind of nice, but you're now carrying around a bigger phone. The other drawback is that with the new battery door in place, you can no longer use the standard BlackBerry Charging pod. Thankfully, Seidio now makes a Desktop Charging Cradle for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 that will work with the Innocell Extended battery. Nice!

Seidio Cradle
Seidio Cradle Works with Innocell Extended Battery

At $69.95 for the Seidio Extended Innocell battery and $24.95 for the Desktop Cradle, it's not the cheapest solution available to keep you going longer, but it is one of the most convenient and elegant solutions. If you've never experienced it before, I'd argue it's a solution worth trying. Alternatively, you could always purchase spare OEM batteries and carry a spare charged one around in a coat pocket for those times when you run on low juice. For the Bold 9700 a replacement battery MSRPs for $79.95, but you can get them right now from for only $29.95 - you could have essentially two spares for the less than the cost of one extended battery. Decisions, decisions!

Get the Innocell Extended Battery for Other BlackBerry Device Models: Seidio makes their extended batteries for pretty much every BlackBerry Smartphone device model. The style and pricing and capacity vary a bit with each design, but the premise is the same. Follow the link below to discover the Seidio Innocell Extended battery that works best with your device:

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CONTEST: Win a Free Seidio Extended Battery for your BlackBerry Smartphone

For your chance to win a free Seidio Extended Battery for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how or when having an extended battery would have saved you in the past from a situation where your battery died! Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person. 


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Great Savings This Week - BlackBerry Music Gateway Allows You to Play Music On Your Home Stereo System from Your BlackBerry via Bluetooth. Available for $49.95 (MSRP: $89.95)

BlackBerry Music Gateway

The BlackBerry Music Gateway is one of those BlackBerry Accessories I think a lot of people tend to avoid because it looks like it might be sort of complicated and by glancing at a photo of it you really don't know what it does. Cases are simple right? You put a BlackBerry in them! Batteries are easy too - they go in the phone! But what's this little doohickey for?!

In reality, the BlackBerry Music Gateway is simple to operate and serves a useful purpose - it allows you to stream music from your BlackBerry to your home audio system via bluetooth. The Music Gateway (pictured above) plugs into your home stereo, and your BlackBerry connects to the Music Gateway wirelessly via Bluetooth. Once connected, music played from your BlackBerry is heard through your other sound system's speakers. Easy.  If it still sounds complicated, be sure to check out our review at the link below:

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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ 

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