The BlackBerry A10 has once again been caught on camera. Twitter user @nvthanh1994 dropped a few images of a shiny new A10 earlier today and while it's nothing new, we still love to see new photos of unreleased devices.

Here we get a good look at the front of the A10 as well as a not so good look at the back. What is noticeable however is that the back of the device seems to be a bit more rounded toward the sides and not as flat as we had thought. It almost looks like the Bold 9900 as it has the carbon weave in the middle where the battery door would go and the sides are more rounded off over the edges. 

We've heard mixed rumors on whether or not the A10 will have a removable back and battery, but from what we can tell here it looks like the back is one piece and non-removable (but it's bit hard to tell from this photo).

As for the front of the A10 - the bottom and top bezels are both rounded off at the corners. The bottom looking good in silver while the top remains black. Kind of a bad angle to see much more but we take what we can get.

Check out the images in the gallery above then hit up the comments with your thoughts.