It's BlackBerry A10 galore! Today some more photos of the A10 battery door have shown up and are much more fun than the last batch. This time the photos are hi-res and show off not only the battery door of the BlackBerry A10, but also compare it to the Z10 and Q10 doors for a bit of comparison. 

Even though we've now seen the A10 on video, the photos once again show the battery door with AT&T branding but this time we get a much better look at it all around. One thing you'll notice is that there doesn't seem to be any NFC contacts but we assume the final product will definitely have them tucked in. 

Side-by-side with the Z10 battery door we get a better feel for the size of the A10 as well, so if you were a bit skeptical before, now you can judge for yourself if the larger size of the A10 is right for you.

Check out a few photos in the gallery above, hit the source link for more then head to the forums and discuss!

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