BlackBerry 9800 (Torch, Slider) - Caught on video, yet again

Been waiting to see some more of the BlackBerry 9800? Sure you have. Even if you're still not overly fond of the device, you're curious to see a little bit more of BlackBerry 6 being shown off on the device. This time, Salomondrin has taken the liberty of giving us an up close and personal look at the BlackBerry 9800. At this point, not much else can really be said about the device that hasn't really been said before. All just a little bit of eye candy for those of us waiting. Hit the break for the video and here's to hoping RIM unleashes BlackBerry 6 soon before we all have to riot in the streets with picket signs. No Torches though, as we'll still be waiting for release. Ya, I went there and I'm not sorry.

Source: Salomondrin