BlackBerry 9800 slider replacement parts for sale; Just how close are we to launch?!?

We've seen this happen before folks and for the most part, the assumption that once parts start showing up on 3rd party manufacturer websites a devices launch is pretty close is a fair and accurate statement. Not in all cases mind you but, it's a good indicator things are getting close. This time around, Al Sacco has spotted some pieces for the BlackBerry 9800 over at Truesupplier. Three items have gone up for sale. A charging dock, a pouch and most importantly, the keyboard replacement pieces for the BlackBerry 9800.

Given that the rumors are placing a August or September release for the BlackBerry 9800, these parts showing up seem to back that timeframe just a little bit more. Not near as fancy as a roadmap with it detailed and outlined for us but, we'll take it since we're likely to see a new device running BlackBerry 6 before the older devices even see a release of it.

Source: CIO