BlackBerry 9800 Outted Via UAProf But What Is It?

The last device to get outed via UAProf was the BlackBerry 9300 and while we'd been hearing about that one for a while the latest device to show up, the BlackBerry 9800 is kind of the new kid on the block. We got some tips last night as to what it might possibly be, but nothing solid so anything said here is pretty much speculation and rumors.

The known specs on this one are listed as being 3G, having 802.11n Wi-Fi and rocking a 360x480 display. To go with that, it is currently listed as coming with OS 6.0 but still lagging behind in regards to the browser version indicating it may not be currently running the upcoming WebKit browser. Looking at the specs side by side, it could be thought as an updated version of the 9700a aka Slider or possibly what we are looking at is the Storm 3. What do you guys think? Is this a Storm 3 that we are looking at or possibly just the Slider finally getting renamed to the device model it'll actually go to market with (we always figured the 9700a device model was a temporary one and it would change at somepoint)? Sound off in the comments.


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