BlackBerry 9780 outted via UAProf document

For those of you who checked out our BlackBerry rumored devices page, you may have noticed where we mentioned the BlackBerry 9780. At the time, we listed it as the 9780 aka Onyx II purely based off rumor. Now, we have just a little bit more information to back that rumor up. As we've seen in past, Research In Motion is required to fill out UAProf documents for upcoming devices and well, they make them rather easy to find if one has the right information to go by. The latest, was updated on July 20th and it's clearly shows the BlackBerry 9780. BlackBerry 6 ready, 480 x 360 screen, GSM with 3G and finally 802.11 b/g (no wireless N oddly) are all listed specs. No other details at this time but now that its been outted so to speak, hopefully we'll get more info.