For UK BlackBerry users that are not bothered about upgrading to BlackBerry 10 and are happy with a BlackBerry 7 device as their main form of communication we bring you good news. Carphone Warehouse has cut the price of the BlackBerry 9720 to just £99.95 on Pay-As-You-Go, plus a £10 top up. 

This now makes the 9720 £10 cheaper than the Curve 9320 and a real bargain in you are in the market for a new smartphone. The 9720 may not be as snazzy as its newer BlackBerry 10 brothers, but what it does give you is still fantastic email, BBM, social networking and all the other great features that BlackBerry has long been famous for. 

I'm sure in the comments to this post there will be loads of folk being negative about the 9720, but there is still a market for low cost BlackBerrys and for under £100 this one could well be a great seller for Carphone Warehouse on the run up to Christmas. 

You can pick up the 9720 from CPW in black, white, pink, purple and blue - so an option for everyone. Interested? Catch up with our full 9720 review here. 

Order the BlackBerry 9720 online from Carphone Warehouse

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