BlackBerry 9720 now available from Carphone Warehouse

The BlackBerry 9720 has already been out in the U.K. since August 19th, 2013 but that was SIM free only. Now, the 9720 is available from Carphone Warehouse and on contract. So, if you're are interested in getting yourself a 9720 on contract, the 9720 is available on all the major carriers in the U.K.

We've looked at pricing details before but to reiterate - the best deal in terms of data is £15 ($23) a month with T-Mobile UK. This plan gives you 1GB of data but since 9720 will use good old BIS, that's more than enough. 

Carphone Warehouse will also offer the 9720 SIM free for £169.95 ($263), which is about £10 cheaper than online retailers Unlocked Mobiles and Expansys. What's more, if you buy Pay as you go - meaning you need to purchase it with a SIM card, it will cost you £149.95 ($232), including a £10 top-up. Bear in mind we have VAT here in the U.K. so in essence, buying SIM free elsewhere could fetch $230 at the top end or $185 at the bottom end.

We should have the 9720 review for you in the next week, so if you're interested in reading up on that, keep your eyes peeled to

Purchase the BlackBerry 9720 from Carphone Warehouse

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