We've seen plenty of the upcoming BlackBerry 9720 so far, and though the resemblance to the recently-launched BlackBerry Q5 is obvious, until today we've yet to see the two devices side by side.

The video above runs through the hardware layout of either device, and we can see that there are a few subtle differences, including plug placement, presence of a convenience keys, rear finish, and shape of the edge. The 9720 is also briefly compared to the Q10 and Bold 9900. Anyone that knows Russian is welcome to give us the gist of the narration in the comments.

Though it may be easy to wonder what the 9720 is doing around with the Q5 in in the picture, we still don't know how much cheaper the OS 7 device is going to be. It's certainly interesting to see the 9720 borrow a few BB10 software tricks, such as the camera shortcut button, but there's little doubt that this is the last of the legacy BlackBerry devices we're going to see.