The BlackBerry 9720 is the latest device to hit the rumor mill and while we saw some images pop up already, a few more have hit the web for those eager to check out the device once again. While the 9720 isn't a new BlackBerry 10 device but rather the next BlackBerry 7 phone, plenty of users in certain markets will still be anxious to get their hands on one. 

BGR has posted some more images of the BlackBerry 9720 and also notes that it will be one of two remaining devices for release this year, "more or less", the other being the flagship BlackBerry A10 (aka Aristo) that we've heard about already. The A10 is expected to be the beefiest BlackBerry yet with a large 5" Super AMOLED display, 2GB RAM and dual-core processor (though we've heard it may be quad-core). It will be a top-tier device that looks to be the most powerful BlackBerry to date.

It's rumored that these two devices will be the only remaining new phones of 2013 with the A10 arriving later this fall (we're unsure of a date for the 9720 just yet). 

Check out some of the 9720 images in the gallery above and hit the source link for more.