BlackBerry 9700 OEM Wallpapers!

An interesting post went up over at the BlackBerry Ninja's blog - it's not something everyone will be interested in but I figured some of you out there may appreciate it. Wallpapers from the BlackBerry 9700 OS were extracted and put up for everyone to download.

Some nice pictures are loaded with the devices and often times RIM will only place those pics on certain carrier released devices, as was the case with the BlackBerry Bold. Many users wanted the OEM wallpapers they saw in the advertisements and such, but some were just not available until some time passed and users were able to get a hold of them. This time though the OEM wallpapers are nicely posted so be sure to grab them (I'm sure they'll get submitted to the CrackBerry wallpaper gallery soon). I just have one question for everyone, someone has to know... is this the bridge that is in Halifax, Nova Scotia?