BlackBerry 9700 Appears On AT&T Upcoming Device Listing!
*UPDATE*- Even more pics posted in the forums
While it's not really any secret any more, it's nice to see some documentation with the listing on it. Boy Genius posted up the unreleased IMEI list from AT&T's supply chain and the BlackBerry 9700 (Onyx) is sitting there all nice and pretty. Even before this documentation went up there was no doubt the 9700 was heading to AT&T, considering last week AT&T seeded the devices to field testers to put through their paces on the network. Once certification is reached by field testers it's upward and onward for launch. You can read PhoneGeeks review of the field test Onyx in the CrackBerry forums and new Onyx pics after the jump. Who's waiting on the Onyx? I know I can't wait to get one of these in my hands.


BlackBerry 9700 Onyx Live!
BlackBerry 9700 Onyx Live!

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