If you're a developer or just interested in playing with an unrealeased device simulator then this is something you may be interested in. The good folks over at BBLeaks have posted up the download links to the BlackBerry 9670 (Oxford) simulator. Pretty cool to play around with if you've yet to go hands on with a BlackBerry 6 device.

I've played with it since last night and digging through some of the files, there is a lot going on that we haven't really seen show up yet even on the BlackBerry Torch. If you're handy at viewing the files you'll see that Torch Mobile has been rather busy with other things aside from the browser. Looks as though Research In Motion has had them working on a few applications. Alas, the download is not for everyone but if ya wanna look into it, at least it's available to do so now.

Source: BBLeaks