BGR Niagara First Look

* Update: BGR has followed up with a quick video tour of the 9630, complete with the random reboot issue that plagues the OS. It's such a NICE piece of hardware. Can't wait till its running at full speed. *

Didn't we say when it rains it pours? BG has now gotten his hands on a BlackBerry 9630, and his views are on par with what we brought you in our first hands-on 9630 impressions. He kept it short and sweet for now....

  • Best BlackBerry keyboard. Ever.
  • Best BlackBerry speakers. Ever.
  • Best screen. Ever. (It looks more like glass than crappy plastic)
  • Best size/feel. Ever.
Be sure to jump over to BGR and take a gander at a couple more pics and thoughts. His unit is running the same code that our 9630 is running, but he's having a bit better luck with its stability thus far. It seems with a lot of the "Niagaras in the wild" right now running .10 that the OS works well enough for a few hours (lots of random reboots) before it goes into a slightly more permanent reboot cycle of death. There definitely will be more coming on the 9630 from everywhere in the days ahead, so if you're excited for this one keep it glued to the BlackBerry blogosphere!