Grab a BlackBerry Curve 9320 for only £70 this weekend from Vodafone UK

If you're in the U.K. and you're looking for a BlackBerry bargain, you should maybe check out Vodafone. For this weekend only, they are offering the BlackBerry Curve 9320 in white for only £70. Sure, it's not BlackBerry 10 but there are still many legacy users out there and the Curve 9320 is a great little device with the 'classic' design. 

At the time of purchase you'll need to top-up £10 on the Freedom Freebee plan. This will get you 150 mins and unlimited texts. Seeing as the Curve 9320 is a legacy device, you'll also need BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) which costs £5.

If you have family or friends who want to get their hands on a legacy BlackBerry device be sure to let them know. Even if you're looking to pick one up for yourself - the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is a solid device, complete with FM Radio and BBM shortcut key.

Buy the BlackBerry Curve 9320 from Vodafone UK