T-Mobile BlackBerry 8820The Boy Genius just reported a rumor that the BlackBerry 8820 is heading to T-Mobile and will be available coming March 5th. I always like rumors with precise dates.

The T-Mobile BlackBerry 8820 will be identical to the one currently available from AT&T, with the one exception being the T-Mobile 8820 will of course work with T-Mobile's popular Hotspot @ Home service.

Here's my question though - with T-Mobile already having the WiFi equipped BlackBerry Curve 8320 available, who's going to actually go out and buy this new device? It seems to me most BlackBerry users who have tried both form factors (be it consumer or enterprise user), prefer the Curve form factor. I guess this is geared towards all those people who reallllly are not allowed to have a phone with a camera on it (for work security issues). I'd be interested to know exactly how many smartphone users that rule applies to.

Question of the Day: Assuming you can own a phone with a camera on it, would any of you choose an 8820 over an 8320? If so, why?

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