BlackBerry 8310

This just in - AT&T has sent out correspondence regarding the BlackBerry 8310. As expected, it will have all of the same features of the 8300 Curve, with the addition of GPS. It will still be referred to as the Curve, and the expected launch date is September 24th. There was no information regarding what operating system will ship on the device (hopefully OS4.3!). Stay tuned for more details as we get them. 

This tip comes to us from the same source who brought yesterday's big news that it's looking like the AT&T BlackBerry 8820 will soon begin shipping with full GPS capabilities rather than the locked down GPS previously rumored.

Now rewind back to August 17th when we posted the story 'My AT&T Curve Doesn't Have GPS! What the?!' about a member finding a mistake on AT&T's website. When viewing the Features section within the 360º degree tour of the AT&T 8300 Curve, an icon for integrated GPS is present (view screenshot). We let this slide by as a web design error/ quality control oversight at the time, but it seems AT&T intentionally or unintentionally let the cat out of the bag - they were teasing us with the GPS-enabled 8310!