BlackBerry 7.1 made available in the Philippines

It seems like RIM wants BlackBerry 7 owners to get downloading BlackBerry OS 7.1. While many carriers across the globe are releasing the OS update, there are also many that have yet to do so. RIM looks to be helping those BlackBerry 7 owners on carriers that haven't yet released it.

We've previously seen this happen in the UK, where only Three and O2 UK were the only carriers to have officially released BlackBerry OS 7.1, then RIM went and released it for the most of the BlackBerry 7 devices. RIM has gone across the world and have made BlackBerry OS 7.1 available in the Philippines. This time around it is only currently available for BlackBerry Bold 9900 owners, Torch and Curve owners are out of luck for the time being. That being said, if you don't mind installing unofficial OS updates you can drop by our forums or check out our BlackBerry 101 on installing leaks and update today.

If you're a BlackBerry Bold 9900 owner in the Philippines visit the Philippine BlackBerry website today to update your device.

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