With the BlackBerry 10 hype getting bigger and bigger as we draw nearer to 2013, we must not forget that BlackBerry 7 is still around and will be for some considerable time to come. RIM is reminding us of this with a new set of online videos which go to highlight the benefits of using a BlackBerry 7 smartphone over a feature phone. It is one of those videos where you see some footage and then it stops - giving you the choice to either follow BlackBerry Curve guy or feature phone guy. Clearly, BlackBerry Curve guy is always going to have an enriched mobile experience over a feature phone but I suppose this is RIM's way of enforcing the message. And if you watch the videos with the mindset of a feature phone user you will want to ditch your current mobile and pick up a BlackBerry for sure.

Although we are set to see BlackBerry 10 roll out in Q1 next year, we must also remember that many current BlackBerry users may well be in a contract from anything from twelve to thirty six months depending where in the world they are. Plus, the fact that many networks worldwide will be pushing to sell current BlackBerry devices on the run up to Christmas - always a good time for sales. Sure, many of us BlackBerry enthusiasts are holding fire until the New Year to upgrade, but with the BlackBerry Curve range being so affordable for many people, the devices: 9320, 9220 and the 9360 (plus regional variants) will be rocking the streets for a couple of years to come at least. And with BlackBerry 7 subscribers still growing worldwide (up from 78 million to 80 million in the last quarter) I think RIM is on the right path in terms of continuing to market BlackBerry 7.

I'm personally loving this style of video from RIM. Who's with me? Sound of in the comments if you would be so kind.

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