Did you know that BlackBerry 10.3 introduced an equalizer into the music player? I didn't until I stumbled upon it quite by accident. And what a nice surprise it was.

To cut a long story short, the equalizer in BlackBerry 10.3 allows you to make your music tracks sound just the way you like. With 17 options to choose from - including Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Acoustic, Jazz and Rock, just to name a few it certainly adds some nice spice to what was previously quite a boring and less than run of the mill music player.

From a personal perspective, I only ever use my BlackBerry to listen to music when I'm in the gym. And I always listen to the same genre which is heavy metal, so now I open up the equalizer and switch over to either 'Rock' or 'Bass Boost' depending on my mood.

So if you are new to BlackBerry 10.3, just follow these simple steps to get your tunes sounding even more awesome:

  • Open up the Music player.

  • Select the song you wish to listen to.

  • Once it is playing tap the three dots (bottom right).

  • Select Equalizer and then choose the style you want from the list - simple.

If you decide you don't want to use the equalizer you will find the option to turn it off at the top of the list. This will set the music sound back to its default.

As usual, options are always good and now we have the equalizer in BlackBerry 10 it's just another small, but oh so welcome improvement that BlackBerry have implemented.