BlackBerry 10.2 Gold SDK launches tomorrow - Join the BB Jam Direct Virtual Event for all the details

Adam Zeis

Developers looking to be in the know for the 10.2 SDK will be happy to know that BlackBerry is holding a virtual event tomorrow in conjunction with the release of the 10.2 Gold SDK. The event takes place tomorrow, August 14th from 2pm to 5pm EDT and will show off some of what's new in the latest SDK. Developers can get info on all of the new features of the SDK to start developing apps for the upcoming OS 10.2 release. 

In addition, the 10.2 Gold SDK will be made available for developers. The SDK should include the features outlined in the Cascades and Native roadmaps including headless apps, BlackBerry ID functions, smart card, altimeter and more. 

To register for the event, head to the link below. 

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