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While a lot of folks are still waiting to get their hands on BlackBerry 10.1, BlackBerry 10.2 is already in the works. That's never really been a secret, it's just a plain fact at this point. Creating a little bit of excitement through his BBM Channel, BlackBerry Product Manager, Michael Clewley, shared some of the smaller details about what exactly BlackBerry 10.2 will be bringing along with it in short list of changes:

  • Setting a time to remember item - I can confirm this will be supported 10.2
  • Standard Unicode Emojis - I can confirm this will be supported 10.2. More details as available
  • Multiple Alarms - I can confirm this will be supported 10.2. More details as it becomes available
  • Level 1 Notifications - I can confirm we'll bring this feature to BlackBerry 10 for 10.2. As details come available, I'll keep you updated

Additionally, Michael Clewley once again reiterated the fact that the first BlackBerry 10.2 beta SDK will be coming in June and that the 10.2 OS update will be arriving within this calendar year. Needless to say, if you're not already is his BBM Channel, you might want to hop in there. You can add the channel through PIN C00014277. Also, can I just point out how cool this is? Sharing of information like this never would have happened at the 'old BlackBerry' and the fact that the info is being passed through BBM Channels makes it all even cooler.

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