Not everyone with 32 Gigs of music has 32 gigabytes of storage on their BlackBerry. Enter Wi-Fi Music Sync. This handy feature allows you to access all of your home music without wires. It's dead simple to set up.

  1. Start Desktop Manager 6 and connect your BlackBerry via USB
  2. Click Wi-Fi music sync at the bottom of DM
  3. Select "Turn wireless sync on"
  4. Click OK when the process finishes
  5. Click "Music" then "Sync"
  6. Disconnect your BlackBerry and enjoy

Simple, right? Well...there are a few things you should know about setting up and enjoying this feature of BlackBerry OS6. Keep reading and we'll explore all there is to know about Wifi music sync.

Getting Ready

In order to access the music on your home computer, you must have iTunes or Windows Media Player installed. Your BlackBerry will be able to browse songs and playlists that are in those libraries. Make sure your BlackBerry and your computer are on the same network. Generally, this means they both connect to the same router, wireless or not.


Wifi Music Sync

You can only download music over your home wireless network; you can't sync your music library from McDonald's. Though while you're at MickyD's, you can choose which songs to download later. Your BlackBerry will automatically sync them when in range of your home network.

First Time Use

Wifi Music Sync

After you have seen this dialog, you might think you were done. I did the first two times I tried to use the wireless music sync, but there's an additional step. You need to sync your available music and playlists with your BlackBerry via USB. Connecting via USB is required only for the first time you enable the feature.

In Desktop Manager, click "Music" and then "Sync." It might not be required to click "Sync," but selecting "Music" is. I figure one extra step isn't going to hurt anything. After - and only after - completing this step can you disconnect your BlackBerry.

Wifi Music Sync


Syncing Music

Wifi Music Sync

Artists, albums, and songs that show as dimmed are available for download. When connected to your home network, clicking one of these songs will download it immediately (assuming you clicked that "Do not show again" box). You can also choose to download one song or the entire album. If you're not on your home network, you can queue songs and albums for later download.

Final Thoughts

Wi-Fi Music Sync does have some limitations, but still serves a useful function. Once you've set things up, any music you add to your computer can be wirelessly added to your BlackBerry. Want to free up some space by deleting some synced songs? No problem. You can always download them again. And let's not forget the coolness factor; well geek-coolness anyways.

With just five minutes of your time, you can get things up and running. Ready? ... Go