BlackBerry Bold 9780 

Research in Motion continues to gear up for the launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9780. A couple of days ago, the BlackBerry manufacturer released its demo of the soon-to-be-available Bold 9780. The 9780 will be the first Bold to sport OS6 right out of the box. Dummy units have begun to arrive in stores and the new Bold arrives at T-Mobile on November 17th.

Folks who want to get a feel for their future smartphone - or those who just want to see how OS6 will work on a Bold - should head over to the BlackBerry demos at RIM’s website. Since this is a demo and not a simulator, you won’t get to play around with the OS. But when it comes time to open up that box and start using your shiny new BlackBerry Bold 9780, you’ll be ready. Armed with the knowledge of how to set up and use your new device and raring to go.