BlackBerry Z10 rebooting

Earlier in the BlackBerry Z10 launch we had heard from some of our community members that they were experiencing odd random reboots. These have been isolated incidents for the most part, but for those affected, you'll be happy to hear about a recent Knowledge Base article that confirms the issue should be fixed with an update to BlackBerry 10.1.2050 or higher. Apparently this can be an issue for folks running,, and Of course, the roll-out across some U.S. carriers has been delayed for a few reasons, but if you're still experiencing a problem, you should be getting a fix soon enough. 

Can't wait? Well, there are always the leaks, which sound like they've been doing good things for our members so far. Quick show of hands, how many of you have experienced an unexpected reboot? Are they really serious or frequent? More importantly, how many of you haven't experienced any reboots at all on your Z10?