's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series

So you want to be a Power User do ya?  Well here is a quick lesson on how to get started registering for and setting up your personal email forwarder so you can show off you true CrackBerry addiction.  It's pretty straight forward, but can be confusing to some - so this should help clear up some of the details in the process.

The first step in the process is to register for  From the home page, simply click the Register button in the top right corner. 


Select your username (this is the ID you will use to login to the site and post in the forums - NOT your name). Tip: Don't use your real name or email address as your CrackBerry username, since the username is viewable in the forums as your username and when you post blog comments. Fill in the required information - email, name etc. and click Create new account.


You will recieve two emails.  The first will be a short message with your username.  The second will be a longer welcome message with many useful links for navigating around

Welcome mail

Now to the good stuff - setting up your email address. Keep in mind this is not an email account ( doesn't host your email), it is simply redirector that forwards incoming messages sent to the email address onward to any other email address you dictate.

Click the MY ACCOUNT button on the site's right hand side of the site's main menu (when logged out this button says Register Now, but changes to My Account upon login). From your account settings page, simply click Create/Modify your Email Address

Modify mail

On the next page, choose your username and an email address to forward to.  Take some time to think about the username you choose - once you set it, it cannot be changed! Over 8,000 members have their email redirector activated and in use, so keep in mind that your name of choice may not be availble. Once you decide on your address, the next step is to enter the email address you want your address to forward to. 


Keep in mind, this should be a personal address as opposed to a corporate address. Some companies may frown upon the redirected mail (redirected to a 3rd party). So only set-up the service if you're comfortable in using it. Remember, you can change the forward address at any time, so don't fret - if you change your email address, you can forward your address in the right direction. Click Save and that's it! Also keep in mind that even after you create your email address, you don't necessarily have to use it. You can easily turn on/off the service by selecting/deselecting the Enable forwarding option. You will see a confirmation message on the next page if the settings were saved correctly. 

Email confirm

Now you just need to give out your address to all your friends to prove you are a true addict!! 

That's essentially all there is to setting up your email.  However, if you really want to take advantage of your new email, you can set up Gmail (and other email clients) so it appears that emails are actually being sent from your email. user mattmarenic has posted an awesome walkthrough in the How To Forums on just how to set it up.  

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