Last week, we told you how to hide and unhide pictures on your BlackBerry. In the comments, both sergeh and moheysaleh asked about hiding videos as well. CrackBerry is nothing if not accommodating. You ask, we answer.

When hiding a picture, you can view the picture, select properties and check the Hidden box. Videos, on the other hand, cannot be hidden this way. You'll need to use the file explorer to first find your video, and you'll need to know exactly where it is on you BlackBerry.  The search feature in the explorer only searches the current folder, not all folders as with Universal Search.

From the Media folder or the media tab (where you can select Pictures, Videos, ringtones, etc.), open the menu and select Explore. Browse the folders on your BlackBerry or memory card to find your video. Videos taken with the BlackBerry's camera can be found in the folder Media Card\BlackBerry\videos.

Highlight your video, open the menu, and select Properties. Inside the File Explorer, the Properties window gains an extra option, the Hidden checkbox. Checking this box will immediately hide your video. To find it again inside the Explorer, open the menu and select Show All. Your hidden video will appear greyed out with grey text.

To unhide your video, simply repeat the process. In the File Explorer, highlight your video; open the menu; and select properties. Uncheck the Hidden box to make your video accessible again.

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