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Hey Class, Welcome back to BlackBerry 101! If you're new to BlackBerry or new to, you'll want to check out all of the Getting Started and How To info we have to offer. Follow the links under Newbies on the the site's main menu to discover the power that is BlackBerry!

This Lecture we're going to cover a really useful BlackBerry tip and that is How To Take Notes While on a Call. It's an easy-to-use BlackBerry feature that has been a lifesaver for me more times than I can remember (like everytime I get a call from my girlfriend while picking up groceries for dinner and she hits me with 12 more items to add to the list!). Let's get started!

How to Take Notes While on a Call

I went a little happy on the screenshots, but this way we have it ALL Covered!  If you don't recognized the theme, it's the Real iBerry Blocks theme, one of my favorites!

1. Head to Your Phone App
2. Before we call, we need to make sure that call logging is turned on.

3. Hit your menu key, and go to Options
4. Go to Call Logging

5. Ensure All Calls is checked. This will put your call history into your "Messages Inbox" and is how we view the Notes you take during calls after the fact. Tip: If you don't want to enable call logging within your inbox of messages, you can also view your saved notes by looking at your call history within the phone application, gonig to the call you took notes on, hitting menu and View History.
6. Go ahead and dial your call.

7. Talking to someone and decide you need to take some notes? No Problem!
8. Activate Speakerphone - you can hit the dollar sign on the keyboard (aka speakerphone button) or use the menu key. Keep in mind, if you start taking notes first and then decide you want to use the speakersphone, at that point the keyboard shortcut will be inactive and you will have to activate it from menu.

9. Now you're talking over the speakerphone and can view your phone better.  
10. Hit the menu key and select Notes.

11. A text field will appear and you can take all the notes you like! Keep in mind you don't HAVE to turn on speakerphone - but if you don't you'll have to at least pull the phone away from your ear so you can get your thumbs on the keyboard. Or use a Bluetooth headset!
12. Keep on typing till you're done. Tip: Try and type quietly... the phone's mic can/may/will pickup your thumbing on the keyboard and you don't want to give your listener too much of an ear full.

13. When you're done, hang up the phone (you can use the end call key). Because you are taking notes, you won't close down to the homescreen - you'll stay right here with the notes open.
14. Hit the menu key, and Save your Note. 

15. Want to view the note you just took? Go to your Messages...
16. And you'll see the call you placed. Open it up...

17. And there you go - the notes you took during that ohhh soo important phone call are stored in your messages...AND because they are in your messages now you can work with them like messages - edit them, FORWARD THEM (send them to the person you were on the call with if you want). Just hit the menu key.

That's It, You Did It!!!

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