's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series

Last week in our BlackBerry 101 lecture we pointed you towards the CrackBerry forums, where our moderator Trevor has been hard at work building the CrackBerry Forums How To thread. Since the last lecture he's added a few more lessons, so be sure to drop by and check it out. If you're a new member to or are getting your BlackBerry-using colleagues to join the site, this is one of the first threads that should be visited, especially if new to using forums online. 

One of the first Blog Posts I ever made for (back on Valentine's Day last year) was a How To Video on installing the Desktop Launcher. That video was done on a BlackBerry 8700, and the wap site and launcher have seen some updates since then, so I thought in continuing on with the CrackBerry How To theme I'd give a step by step of loading the desktop launcher (others would call it homescreen shortcut!) onto your BlackBerry.  Plus, Trevor has a lesson coming up on the CrackBerry Forums How To thread about using the WAP/mobile optimized forums on your BlackBerry, so this is a good lead up to that. Let the class begin! Mobile Optimized Site
Until there is a really powerful full web browser available for the BlackBerry, I'd always suggest visiting the mobile-optimized version of when visiting the site (especially if you want to use the forums) from your handheld. When on your BlackBerry, head to /. The default BlackBerry browser doesn't handle our site so well, and while Opera Mini does a "decent" job of displaying the site, it won't work so well if you try to login and try to use the site's functions. So if on a handheld, go to It's a pain to type in, but don't worry, you'll only have to type it once. When you visit the WAP site, simply download and install our Desktop Launcher and you'll never be more than a click away from the site.

Step by Step Screenshot Instructions

Find Your Web Browser Among a Mess of Icons!

Once in the browser,

Go To...



Up comes the mobile-optimized site.

Scroll down, and under Other Options click
Install Desktop Shortcut.

Thanks to BBSmart (same guys who make the Email Viewer )
for building this version of the launcher for us.
You can start your download!

Wait for it...

It's a GREATTT Success (said like Borat)

Looks Good on on the Icon Screen

and even better on the Zen theme!

Just click the icon anytime to go straight to our
mobile optimized site at

Video Instructions
Just for old time's sake, here's the video I originally posted. It's hard to believe I'm been using the Curve for less than year - the 8700 feels like centuries ago. 

What Next?
Now that you have the Desktop Launcher installed on your BlackBerry, you can visit anytime. I'll admit the mobile-optimized site gets neglected a bit compared to the full-blown site, but you can still login to the forums, read our blog posts, browse, download, and buy from our software store and get to tons of other mobile-optimized sites via our link directory. So don't worry, if you're at an airport with hours to kill, just think and visit it from your BlackBerry. Till Next Week, Keep Crack'n!

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