Import Picture Folders

Whether you are upgrading your current device from a 5.0 OS to a 6.0 version, or you upgraded to a new device completely which is running BlackBerry 6, odds are that when you made the change not all of your picture folders were showing by default. When I made the switch the same happened to me, and I was rather nervous thinking the information was lost, but it wasn't and once the device is plugged into the PC it is all visible. Instead of moving the media into a folder that is showing, getting these additional folders to show is quite simple.

  1. Open your pictures application
  2. Press menu
  3. Scroll to import pictures
  4. Select folders which you want to show
  5. Accept the changes
Pretty simple process, and then all your folders will be showing again. If at any point you want to hide that entire folder you can simply do the same process except this time you will remove the check mark which will remove it from public view. We have previously taken a look at how to hide and show single pictures, but this is an easy way to do it for the whole folder now. Enjoy!

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