Article Header - Uninstalling themes 

Themes are a great way to give your BlackBerry experience a bit of variety.  Many themes even improve upon the usefulness of the home screen and navigation.  While it's nice to have a large selection of themes to choose from, themes do take up application memory.  Too many themes and you might find your smartphone running sluggishly.  Worse yet, you could find that emails and other messages start "disappearing" as memory space becomes scarce.

Changing and even deleting themes isn't difficult; you just need to know where to look.

BlackBerry Operating System 5.0

CB holiday theme

Let's say you have a rather nice theme on your BlackBerry; our 2010 Holiday theme, perhaps.  At some point, you're going to want to change or remove that theme.

Choose Options

Press the menu key.  It's the one to the left of the trackball/trackpad and has the BlackBerry logo.  Select Options.  You may have to open the Setup folder and then select options. 

Select Theme

From the Options screen, select Theme if you simply want to change the theme you are using, rather than remove it completely. 

Change Theme

To change the theme, select the one you want from the list and click the trackball/trackpad.   

Select Applications from Options Screen

If you want to delete the theme from your BlackBerry, select Applications from the Options screen. 

Find the theme you wish to delete

Find the particular theme you wish to remove.  This is also a list of all of the applications on your device.  Make sure you choose the correct item to delete.  There is no undo.

Select delete from menu

Press the menu key, and select Delete. 

Confirm delete

Confirm that you really do want to delete the desired theme. 

Restart device

Your BlackBerry must be restarted to remove all parts of the theme.  If you choose No, you'll need to reboot your smartphone at a later time.  

BlackBerry Operating System 6.0 

Two ways to get to theme settings

In OS6 there are two different ways to get to your theme options. 

Select options

Open the tray and scroll down to options. 

Choose Display

Select Display. 

Choose Screen display

Select Screen Display. 

Universal search for theme

Alternately, you can type "theme" into Universal Search.  Then click Options to discover results found in the Options. 

Select Screen display

Choose Screen Display from the search results. 

Select a theme to modify

Select a theme to modify.  You can both change and delete themes from this screen. 

Select and activate theme

To change to a different theme, select one that is not active.  Then choose activate. 

Select delete to remove theme

To delete a theme, choose delete. 

Confirm that you wish to delete the theme

Confirm that you really do want to delete the theme.   Once you've deleted the theme, BlackBerry OS6 does not require a restart.