BlackBerry 101

Ever since my co-workers found out about my BlackBerry obsession, I'm constantly bombarded by questions. What is the number one question you ask? Well it's a topic that's pretty familiar to CrackBerry readers and a frequent question in the forums: how do I separate SMS and Email boxes in the messages folder? A BlackBerry can have up to 10 individual message folders and gives you the option of feeding all of them into the messages folder or separating into their own inbox.

Now while combining messages is fine for some people, it can be distracting and annoying to weed through a ton of messages, especially if you use multiple email accounts for different purposes or if you're like my boss and get hundreds a day. For instance, a co-worker couldn't find a client email because she had too many Toys R Us alerts filling up her box.

Whether you're a BES user who wants to distinguish between work and personal emails or a BIS user who wants to coordinate your accounts and texts messages, these are the different ways to separate or combine your SMS and Email inboxes on all the different BlackBerry platforms.

Earlier releases of OS 5 and all OS's 4.7 and below

On older devices and operating systems (including lower versions of OS 5) in order to separate inboxes click on your Messages icon, press the Menu button and select Options. Under General Options, scroll down to SMS and Email inboxes and you'll be presented with three options: Separate, Combined, and Theme Controlled. To separate the inboxes scroll down and select that option.

Message separation - Early OS Five and earlier

Higher versions of OS 5 and OS 6

With the release of higher versions of OS 5 and OS 6, the messages folder now comes with more control over what you can grant access to. I found this feature appeared on OS 5 when I upgraded my AT&T Bold 9700 from application v.602 to .979 and on my Bold 9000's OS 5 application v.822. Users are able to pick and choose which email accounts or other message types populate the main messages folder rather than it being an all or nothing situation. Here you can select exactly which items to include or exclude by clicking the check mark.

To save your selections click the back (escape) button and select Save or use the Menu key to access the Save feature.

Higher versions of OS 5 - Non touch devices

For non touch devices go to Messages > Options > Inbox Settings. 

Messages - select which to include - OS Five

OS 5 Touch devices

To access, users can follow this path: Messages > Options > Main Message List Settings.

Messages - OS Five Storm users

OS 6

For touch and non touch devices click on Messages > Options > Inbox Management.

Messages in OS6

There you have it, all the ways to customize your messages folder across various operating systems so you'll always be able to keep track of your emails and texts whether you use your device for work or for personal reasons.

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