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* * Update - This tutorial may not work on newer versions of BlackBerry Desktop Manager **

Sick and tired of hanging around the CrackBerry Ringtones corner to see if that new favorite song has been added?  Well, patience is a virtue, but when it comes to BlackBerry ringtones your days of waiting are over.  That's because creating your own custom ringtones from CDs, DRM-free iTunes tracks and other audio files really couldn't be simpler.  All you need is your desktop computer, a recent version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software with Roxio Media Manager, space on your BlackBerry or media card and a few spare minutes to learn the creation process.

Our custom BlackBerry ringtones tutorial will have you cranking out ringtones like it was your job in no time. From there, check out our ringtones installation tutorial to learn how to transfer the new tones to your BlackBerry. After that, you can add your coolest creations to's Free user-contributed ringtone library so other members can enjoy them!

Connect BlackBerry to Computer; Launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software

Using the standard USB sync cord or a comparable cable, connect your BlackBerry to your computer and close any windows that may appear asking you if you want to open folders on your device.

Then launch your BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.  If you haven't installed the desktop manager, insert the user tools disc that came with your BlackBerry or visit RIM's site for a free download. 

Launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager

If you use a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), enter your password to connect to your messaging system or close the mail client prompt. (Note: Depending on your BES IT policies, you may be unable to install new ringtones.)  If you're a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) user, close any mail client prompts that may appear.

Launch Roxio Media Manager and Open Audio File in Quick Sound Editor

Ensure that your device is connected to the Desktop Manager and launch the Roxio Media Manager component from the Desktop Manager home screen by clicking the icon made of a flower and a music note.  When the program opens, your screen will be split in two horizontally so there's a top and bottom field.

Inside Roxio Media Manager

Next, locate the audio file you want to edit to create your custom ringtone. If the file is on a CD, insert the disc into your hard drive and then hit the "Import Digital Media" button in the top left corner of the application screen.  From the dropdown menu, click "Import Audio," which will launch the Roxio Media Import function in a new window. A new dropdown menu will appear in the Media Import window.  Select the name of your disc drive from that dropdown and the track listings and related information will appear on the left side. Then select the track you want to edit by highlighting the track name, set your Capture Settings to MP3 (HighMAT compliant) and the Save Files to field to "Desktop."  Click Import Now to import the track to you desktop.  When the file is imported, close the Roxio Media Import Window.

Import Your Media using Roxio Media Import

If the file you wish to edit for your custom ringtone is already stored on your computer's hard drive, click on the Folders tab at the top left of  Media Manager main screen, which can be found next to three other tabs labeled My Media, My Media Space and My Devices.  Then use the folder tree on the top left of the screen to locate the file you want to use for your ringtone. (Note: You can edit files stored in your iTunes library as long as they're not protected with digital rights management [DRM] technology. The vast majority of music purchased through Apple's iTunes Store is protected with DRM, but your CD collection or music bought from other Web retailers like AmazonMP3 is good to go.)

Select the file you need for your ringtone—you'll know it's selected when an orange outline appears around the file—open the File dropdown menu in the upper-left-hand corner and click Edit with Quick Sound Editor.

Create Custom BlackBerry Ringtone by Setting Start and End Point

To make sure you've accessed the correct audio file, click the Quick Sound Editor's Preview button—found in the center of the screen.  If the file is correct, choose where you want your ringtone to begin by hitting Start Point in the appropriate spot and then set your End Point where you want the ringtone to finish.  You can even set your tone to fade in or out by tweaking the Fade settings.  And the Quick Sound Editor's Clean, Enhance and Equalizer functions all let you enhance your ringer's quality and sound levels.

Select Your Start and End Points with Quick Sound Editor

If you want to reset Start or End Points or any other audio settings, simply hit the Revert button.

Finish and Save Your New Custom BlackBerry Ringtone

Once you've placed your Start and End point where you want them, hit Preview again to listen to your ringtone.  When you're satisfied, hit the Save As button to save the ringtone to a BlackBerry Ringtones file on your computer so it can be edited again or mixed in the future.  Then hit the Create Ringtone button and save it directly to your BlackBerry's media card or to your computer to be transferred at a later time.

Voila!  You've got a customer ringtone for your CrackBerry!  If you chose to save the tone to your computer, check out the second half of our How to Download and Install Ringtones on your BlackBerry tutorial.


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