BlackBerry 101

This 101 comes courtesy of probigeorge11 and michaelwpg. 

Alright children, settle down, class is now in session. As of the update to version 5.0.1, we now have the ability to configure our BlackBerry as an IP Modem for tethering. Today's lesson will be based around how to set up your BlackBerry as an IP Modem, using the new version of Desktop Manager, referred to as DM for the purposes of this lesson.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: *Tethering is a service offered by your carrier. Tethering without a tethering plan can incur large costs. Make sure you consult with your carrier before using your BlackBerry as a modem*

We will attempt to make this as simple and straightforward as possible, walking through step by step.

What you will need for this tutorial:

  • BlackBerry (to state the obvious)
  • Desktop Manager version 5.0.1 (or higher, depending on when you are reading this)
  • USB Cable

*We experienced mixed results on leaked software compatibility

Step One (Setup):

Use your USB cable to connect your device to your PC. Start up DM and ensure that your device is recognized as connected. If you are connected, and running the correct version of DM, your main screen should look like this:

Tether With DM

Step Two (Let's Get Configured!):

Click the icon labelled "Configure as IP Modem", which will take you to the next screen, where the real work will begin. On this screen, you will see two options. On the left, you have the Connection Settings, on the right, the Connect to the Internet option. Let's click the Connection Settings, and start configuring.

Tether With DM

Step Three (Configuration and Connection) :

Having clicked the button labelled "Connection Settings" you will now have a pop up window on your screen where you will enter the settings to configure your IP connection. Under "Connection Profile", you will find a drop down menu with a list of possible carriers. Choose whichever is applicable to you. You also have the option to configure a Custom Profile. If you wish to leave the connection open and close DM, check the box at the bottom of the window labelled "Keep an IP Modem connection open after the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is closed"

*If you are using an unlocked phone on a different carrier, this will default to the original carrier profile

If you are simply going to tether on your carrier's tethering plan, choose the appropriate network and click "OK". Consult your carrier for various information relating to usernames and passwords for the various types of access.

Tether With DM

Now that you have configured the profile you wish to use for your IP connection, the next step is to connect. Let's click on "Connect to the Internet" to connect. When you click the button to connect, you will be prompted with a warning regarding the use of your device as a modem, and the fees associated with it. Since you have already consulted your carrier and set up a tethering plan, we will click "Continue".

Tether With DM

Desktop Manager will now open a connection to the internet via your BlackBerry. The window will display the active connection in the bottom left, and the Connection window will be overlayed with a display of time connected, and data sent and received, with a total at the bottom.

Tether With DM


Tether With DM

Click the Disconnect button to end your session.

You have now configured your BlackBerry for use as an IP Modem! Enjoy!

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