Now that the BlackBerry 10.1C SDK OS ( OS has landed for developers, we're getting a small look at some of the changes that will make their way to BlackBerry 10.1 as a whole. As mentioned previously, the 10.1C SDK OS ( is suggested to only be used by developers as it's not a full OS and will not really satisfy the needs of the everyday consumer. With that small disclaimer out of the way, there is already an ongoing list in the CrackBerry Forums of folks sharing what has changed. Some of the stuff was already known to be coming with BlackBerry 10.1 while some of it wasn't really mentioned before. It's far from a complete list and of course, some of it may only be for testing purposes but in any case, have a look at what has been spotted:

No doubt, that's only a small portion of what has really changed but it's a start. If you've spotted something new or are just curious about what's going on, then drop by the forums or drop some comments below.

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