At this moment, a year ago today, Adam, Bla1ze, Marcus and I were on the ground in New York City, putting the finishing touches on CrackBerry's BlackBerry Z10 Review and getting ready to leave our hotel for the Pier 36 venue where BlackBerry 10 would be officially unveiled to the world. The unveiling wouldn't be contained to just NYC, however. For the BIG BANG, BlackBerry coordinated a global launch event with Toronto, London, Paris, Johnnesburg and Dubai also included in the launch day extravaganza. 

I was feeling both sick and extremely excited. Excited as all hell for the launch. And a little sick as I just found out that my ponytail was going to get chopped off in front of thousands of people as one of the pre-show warm-up acts (in case you forgot, I went on a haircut strike while waiting for BB10 to get released. And it turned out to be in front of millions of people since CNBC decided to air it live). 

The BlackBerry 10 launch event itself went smoothly, and I think overall was well received by both attendees and the press. The interest of the world was definitely THERE. I know for CrackBerry, we hit an all-time traffic record for a single day. Even our keynote live blog had over 150,000 people tuning in live, which is pretty insane.

Looking back at the last 365 days, it's crazy how much has happened since then. Lots of good things, and arguably, plenty of more bad things.

Whether by coincidence or an intentional decision, it's interesting that on this anniversary week of the BlackBerry 10 launch that OS 10.2.1 has been officially unveiled. Looking at my Z30 and Q10 running 10.2.1, I can't help but wonder if we'd be in a different state right now if these would have been the devices and OS available immediately after the January 30th launch.

As my friend Antoine (superfly_FR) said to me recently, 10.2.1 feels like what BlackBerry 10 was meant to be from day one. 10.2.1 really is BLACKBERRY 10. And with all the excitement on CrackBerry this week surrounding the release, it feels like we are re-living the launch of BlackBerry 10 all over again.

And here I thought 2014 could prove to be a boring year for BlackBerry. Not even a month into the year new, I've been proven wrong. 

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