I went through the process of wiping my device tonight and due to that, I had to download Snap once again. At the time I did it, the Red Light of Love site was down and all that was coming up for me was cached pages. In those cached pages, I noticed an announcement James Muir, Developer of Snap had made.

According to his stats available through Snap, the app that lets BlackBerry 10 users download Android apps, BlackBerry 10 users have now downloaded more than 2.5 Million Android apps. Needless to say, that's a TON of apps downloaded when you consider Snap itself isn't an official tool nor is it available in BlackBerry World.

Unfortunately, the statistics don't go beyond that to tell us which were the top apps downloaded or anything like that but instead, it's noted 'a major update to Snap is underway and is coming along very nicely.'