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Thanks to everyone who helped to guide others through workarounds and special issues with this one. The issue was related to a certificate expiry date, which should now be resolved.

If you're in the process of setting up a BlackBerry 10 device right now, you might want to hold off for a bit as it seems BlackBerry ID is currently having some login issues preventing folks from fully completing the process per usual. Instead, some people are being presented with error messages from BlackBerry ID.

Unable to connect to the BlackBerry ID server. Please make sure that you have the current date and time set and try again. (50507)

Even when setting the date and time correctly, the error will persist. Even odder, some folks have corrected the issue by intentionally setting it incorrectly. The good news, however, is that folks at BlackBerry have replicated the issue and they are working to resolve it.


Hi folks! A colleague of mine has been able to reproduce the BlackBerry ID sign-in issue, and is looking into it. Edit: Thanks for tagging me to take a look!


Once we know for certain it has been fixed, we'll add an update to the post but for now, you might want to hold off on setting up a new device or put any plans for a wipe and restore off until the issue is fully resolved.

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