Active Frames

A while back we ran a poll asking 'Do you close unused Active Frames' on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. As I mentioned originally - I tend to have the same five or so apps always running and any extra I use I'll happily open and then close with a long hold on the 'x', but we are all different. 

It's quite clear from the poll results that the vast majority of BlackBerry 10 users tend to close apps when they are not in use. Only 5% of voters said that they keep all their Active Frames open - which surprised me slightly. 

I love my Active Frames and they are certainly unique compared to other operating systems, although the Windows Phone Live Tiles are kind of similar, but different in the way they are displayed. They've also got a little more clever with the Windows Phone 8.1 update so I wonder if we'll see any changes to our Active Frames in future OS releases of BlackBerry 10? 

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