Here's a little bit of random news that we're still digging into for you all to take in. Back on October 19th, a BlackBerry 10 smartphone was certified for Bluetooth 4.0. The application was submitted back in August for the device labeled "RFH121LW" and at the time it was running on OS

Now we know RIM has since updated BlackBerry 10 given the fact that the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha's are running OS and even higher internally but that particular model number isn't showing up anywhere else really. In other words, we're not 100% sure as to what device this may be other than to say it's running BlackBerry 10, it's a smartphone and it has Bluetooth 4.0 certification.

We'll keep digging for you all but in the mean time, any thoughts on which device it may be exactly? London / Laguna are the easy guesses of course. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums.  Thanks, samab!

Source: Bluetooth SIG