During this morning's Rogers launch event for the BlackBerry Z10, we got to check out some of the in-store units that were running on a special demo mode. You'll only ever see this running in a retail environment, but it says volume about how BlackBerry intends to approach new users.

All of the major spotlight features have their own dedicated interactive demos, including Hub, Peek, TimeShift, BBM Video Calling, and other key features. Casual shoppers are incredibly fickle, so this initial experience is massively important. Though most of us have done our homework, know the software features and know why we're getting what we're getting, a demo environment like this is a perfect place for those that are just testing the waters. Good luck finding another phone on the store shelf that has an equally tailored first-time experience. 

Any readers in sales that are digging the app? Shoppers, do you think an app like this could help convince hesitant friends to pick up a Z10?