Over the years there has been plenty of lapdock ideas floating around and I'm sure if you go digging through patents, you'll find several company's have their own variations locked down somewhere including BlackBerry. Most notable out of all of them though is likely the Motorola Lapdock that came along with the Atrix 4G. While a great idea, it was pretty much a flop for several reasons, take your pick really. High pricing is a good place to start. In any case, it's now dead.

But just because Motorola failed doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad idea. With the correct pricing and right implementation, it could fit really well into where BlackBerry appears to be heading. A new concept from BerryFlow and Pooter Mobile offers a look at what a BlackBerry 10 lapdock might look like and it's quite impressive.

  • With NFC enabled, dropping your device inside the LED cradle will trigger Terminal Mode–a combination of Wifi Direct, Miracast, and Bluetooth Smart Ready.
  • Terminal Mode allows the BB10 OS to project a tailored, landscape experience for the larger 15″ touch sensitive screen. Overall, a more mature multitasking interaction in which you can run applications in tandem with 2 live apps running alongside BlackBerry Hub.
  • A docked BB10 device can function as a virtual track-pad with full gesture support. As well, if the mobile supports wireless charging the docking tray will also allow a wire-free charge while the M1 is connected through magnetic rapid charger.
  • This same device cradle is also encompassed by a blue LED indicator strip. The indicator will change colors to let you know about incoming notifications and will return to blue, indicating the devices are connected via Bluetooth.
  • Left of the device cradle you’ll see a hardware key to quickly access BB Hub, on the right there is a hardware key to force applications from their vertical orientation into full screen landscape.
  • A one fingered down-swipe from the top will bring down settings and music control, a two finger swipe down from the top will bring in an application overlay and allow you to launch new apps.
  • The M1 Fuse is fully usable without the mobile being directly docked. Once the device is tapped on the NFC trigger and Terminal Mode is launched you can utilize the touchscreen on the lapdock to maneuver the OS.

Obviously there's plenty of pros and cons to this sort of thing especially given the history of such items in the market but again, it's one of those things that never really seemed to be done correctly and possibly ahead of its time.

Is BlackBerry the ones to do it right? Eh, maybe. it's arguable that they have plenty of other kinks to work out before they even think about taking on something like a lapdock but that doesn't make it any less of an interesting idea.

What do you all think? Would this be something you're interested in purchasing? How much would you pay for something like this? What would be vital to be added to this to make it a must have for you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!